Workshops and Events

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Please use the contact form on the home page to enquire about any of the following.

CLUB NIGHTS: We have weekly club nights and other regular events at the studio. Please contact us for more info if you are interested in coming along to any, or subscribe to our newsletter on the Home page .

Also coming up will be more Fashion Nude Evenings, 1 to 1 Studio Lighting Workshops and similar Group Workshops, Sunday Specials and plenty more Model Days.

17th March 2018: RHIANNA GREY & DAHLIA ROSE studio day – 1 slot still available!
24th March 2018: BOBBI CASTLE studio day
14th April 2018: RENAIS SANCE studio day
21st April 2018: MARIE-JEAN TAYLOR studio day
28th & 29th April 2018: VALIS VOLKOVA studio days
12th (& maybe 13th) May 2018: CARLA MONACO studio day
17th June 2018: KATIANNA studio day
26th May 2018: MELISSA LA LUCY & JAZZ BARNETT studio day
23rd June 2018: BELLE EVE studio day